ST3 Survey Background and Guide

The latest ST3 draft plan does not include transit on the Trail, but it does include projects that will clearly lead to transit on the Trail in the future.  We want Sound Transit to exclude any current and future plans that involve or threaten our Trail.  From what we've learned, the proposed environmental study and the light rail extension from Bellevue to S. Kirkland P&R sets up the Trail for future mass transit development.  Your help is needed right now!  Please complete the on-line survey to let Sound Transit know how you feel.

Here's What to Do

You do not need to fill out all the questions, but we encourage you to fill out as many as you think are relevant.  It should only take 2-3 minutes to complete.

The 3 Most Important Questions To Answer Are:

#1 – Zip Code (screen 1) - Important for them to know where the users of the Trail are responding from.

#7 - Urgency of BRT Projects (Screen 2) - The first one listed is the I-405 Bus Rapid Transit. We believe this is “Extremely Urgent” so select 7.

#15 - Additional Feedback (Screen 3) - This is the most important one to complete!

It has a pull-down menu. Select the one that says “Project(s) should be removed in the ST3 Final Plan". There is a text box. In that box, please communicate the following (please use your own words):

  • Do not put any High Capacity Transit on the CKC Trail
  • Remove the environmental study between Bellevue and Bothell via the CKC Trail
  • Remove the proposal of mass transit from Bellevue to South Kirkland Park & Ride
  • If all of these are not removed, I will actively work to defeat ST3 in November


Here is a link to the ST3 survey web site:

Also, please forward this info to ALL your friends – we need as many people as possible providing Sound Transit with this feedback!