Removal of Bellevue Spur Amendment

                                      Kirkland, WA

                                      Kirkland, WA

Sound Transit Board
401 S. Jackson Street
Seattle, WA 98104-2826

Dated: May 31, 2016

Subject: Removal of Bellevue Spur Amendment

Dear Chairman Dow Constantine and Sound Transit Board Members,

We are VERY disappointed that the light rail extension from the Wilburton station in Bellevue to the S. Kirkland P&R is now in the amended ST3 plan. Up until last Thursday, this project was NOT in the draft ST3 plan and as such, the general public was not able to provide input and comment on this addition. In fact, there was no documentation of cost and ridership available to the public before the comment period even ended.

In the 5/2/16 letter written by the City of Bellevue to ST, the City specifically outlined concerns with the Issaquah to Bellevue line and requested an in-depth analysis of the proposed system to determine the appropriate mode of transportation for future HCT. They suggested that the right mode may not even be light rail. In our opinion, the same concerns would also apply to this extension.

As for the environmental study, we are pleased that it has been expanded to include several North-South options; however, as we had specified previously, we want the options named in the final draft plan, such as I-405, Willows Road route and other North-South parallel routes.

We DO NOT support the ST3 plan based on these amendments as they stand in the ST3 draft plan and want the Bellevue Spur removed, first and foremost, and the environmental study options to be defined in the final plan. Thank you.


Save Our Trail Leadership Team

David Greschler, Santos Contreras, and Jan Young

Cc:  Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff