Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it make more sense to keep buses off the trail?

It makes more sense to have bus service existing infrastructure such as I-405, because:

  • bus rapid transit is specified in the I-405 master plan adopted by all Eastside cities
  • road infrastructure already exists on I-405
  • it would better serve people on both sides of I-405
  • there are many more options for park and rides near I-405


What safety concerns are there to having Buses on the Trail?

There are many safety concerns if buses were to be put on the Cross Kirkland Trail:
-    It is near many parks and schools
-    It’s used by school kids
-    It connects neighborhoods and has a lot of pedestrian cross traffic
-    It has many at-grade crossings, disrupting street traffic


How would PEDESTRIAN and bike usage on the trail be impacted by buses?

Pedestrian and bicycle connectivity is a stated priority of the city; buses on the trail impede connectivity by making it less safe to get on and off the trail, and by potentially eliminating some of the existing connections


What other resources are available online?

Please visit these outstanding websites for more information:

Kirkland Views

City of Kirkland Cross Kirkland Corridor

Sound Transit


How can I help?

Write a letter to the editor, Kirkland City Council and Sound Transit Board.

You can send the same letter to each address. No need for customized letters unless you see fit to do so.

Editor of Kirkland Views 

Editor of Kirkland Reporter

Kirkland City Council

Sound Transit Board


I want to write a letter but I don't know what to say.

No problem. Below is a sample letter you can cut and paste and send to the above addresses. The same letter can be sent to all recipients. You can add or subtract any lines you like to make it better fit your personal views. You will need to add your name at the end and delete the name John Q. Public, unless of course, your name happens to be John Q. Public.

To whom it may concern:

I do not support bus rapid transit on the Cross Kirkland Corridor. 

There are many safety concerns with buses on the CKC:
It is near many parks and schools
It’s used by many school kids
It connects neighborhoods and has a lot of pedestrian cross traffic

I will oppose ST3 if it includes transit on the CKC.


John Q. Public